A large number of businesses, in their efforts to expand and hit new targets, commit the critical error of neglecting or forgetting the value provided by their established customer base.

 Steve Mascarin, a successful dentist and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience under his belt was recently featured in two interviews with Thrive Global and Ideamensch. Both of these websites are dedicated to interviewing the best of the best in their industry.

Steve Mascarin is excited to announce the launch of his new personal and professional website. The website, which has just recently gone live, highlights Dr. Mascarin’s impressive career in the dental industry as well as the blogs, articles, and interviews he has been featured in.

Steve Mascarin was born and raised in Toronto Canada. His childhood dream was to be a dentist to help more people have healthy, beautiful smiles. That dream came true in 1990 when he graduated from Western University in London, Ontario, with his Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Steve Mascarin buys and holds commercial properties in fast growing communities and develops them with his own unique style and brand of dental service, which as has become a very successful business for him. He is experienced at building up the customer base rapidly and then retaining it with a high level of success. 

While you might be an experienced dentist like Steve Mascarin of Toronto, Ontario (who also holds many commercial properties in the industry), how you organize your dental practice can make a world of difference to both your patients and your dental team.

Dentistry is traditionally a hands-on, close-contact profession with very strict, precise, safe, and sterile protocols in place. That said, navigating the new protocols during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven challenging even for dentists.

When it comes to choosing a commercial space for your dental practice, you want it to have the ideal layout and be in a location with lots of traffic, both on the road and sidewalk, and be easily accessible. However, while you can put a lot of thought into those important details, there’s another big one: should you lease/rent or buy the space?

A company is only as good as its brand. While brand loyalty is a term with a lot of meaning for companies, studies show that 58% of consumers are actually not loyal to any particular brand, presenting an opportunity for competitors to pounce. The key is for companies to separate themselves from the pack.